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  1. Video Tutorials 

    1. How To Login To Your Admin Area
    2. 1. Overview Of The Entire Admin Area
    3. 2.0 - An Overview Of The Courses Section Of Your Admin Area
    4. 2.1 - How To Create A Course Page with
    5. 2.2 - Overview Of The Course Curriculum in
  2. Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. Can I Teach Any Topic?
    2. What Do I Need To Sign Up With
    3. Is There A Minimum Number Of Courses That I Will Have To Publish?
    4. What Different Ways Can I Build A Course With For example, can I integrate a quiz?
    5. Do Offer Any Services?
  3. How To Start with 

    1. Overview to all Landing Pages
  4. Dashboard 

    1. What Is Your Dashboard
  5. Courses 

    1. Adding Content to your Course
    2. How to add a Quiz
    3. Problems With Uploading Files
    4. What Is A Course Page
    5. How To Create A New Course
  6. Users 

    1. How To Export Your Student/User List As A .csv File
    2. How To Search For A Specific Student/User
    3. What Is The Users Section?
  7. Leads 

    1. What Are Leads?
    2. How To Find Contacts Generated By Launch Page
  8. Instructors 

    1. Add an Instructor Profile
    2. How To Edit An Instructors Detail
    3. How To Delete An Instructor
    4. What Content Should You Include In Your Instructor Profiles
  9. Testimonials 

    1. How Do I Add A Testimonial
    2. How Do I Edit A Testimonial
    3. How Do I Delete A Testimonial
  10. Orders 

    1. How To See All Orders For Your Courses
    2. How To Export My Order Data
  11. Website 

    1. How To Edit The Welcome Page
    2. What is a favicon and how to use it
    3. How To Choose A Brand Color For Your Pages
    4. How Can I Include Custom CSS
    5. File Management: An Overview to All Specifications
  12. Coupons 

    1. Coupons - make an offer that your students cannot refuse!
  13. Analytics & Reporting 

    1. How To Access And Download Reports With
  14. App Store 

    1. CSV Download to contact all your students at once!
    2. How To Set-up The Comment Feature Disqus
    3. In the beginning, was the Launch Page!
    4. Course Certification
    5. What Is The App Store
  15. Settings 

    1. How Do I Edit My Account Details
  16. Marketing 

    1. Widget and Platform Linking
  17. All articles 

    1. Can I Teach Any Topic?
    2. Coupons - make an offer that your students cannot refuse!
    3. Adding Content to your Course
    4. CSV Download to contact all your students at once!
    5. Add an Instructor Profile
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